One of the things that makes Westside Finishing successful is the team we have behind the scenes that gives special attention and detail to every job. Our several different departments each have a significant role in our preparation and production, below is just a summary of each department’s function.

Shipping & Receiving– Our shipping department is responsible for receiving in all incoming parts and materials from outside vendors. They are also working throughout the day on scheduling the routes of our truck drivers to make deliveries of completed parts and pickup any new jobs.

Pretreatment- Our pretreatment process is important as mentioned in our last blog, “Taking the Right Steps: Pretreatment” which highlighted the importance of preparing metal to be in its best state for the chemical process that powder coating requires. These types of processes include sandblasting, power washing with a chemically balanced formula, chemical stripping and more depending on the condition of the metal you are working with.

Masking/Plugging- Our masking and plugging department is an important part of our preparation process because certain jobs come through that require portions to be masked off or plugged so that they avoid being coated in powder. This stage is important because it requires a high attention to detail and finding the right sized supplies to ensure a proper fit.

Powder coating in Batch & Conveyorized Line: The powder coating stage is where the color comes into play as painters are required to apply the powder directly to the parts using specific application techniques based on the desired end appearance. Our conveyorized line is setup to allow our painters to produce many finished parts without compromising the quality.

Silkscreen- Our silkscreen department creates custom screens in house and has the capability to create company logos and screen designs using the latest version of CorelDraw. Many customers rely on silk screen to display logos, graphics and part specifications depending on the nature of their business.

Packing- The final stage of our production process is our packing department, where parts are inspected and tested to be sure they meet the quality standards. A few of the tests performed include visual inspection, MEK testing, impact Testing and cross hatch adhesion testing. If parts do not meet the standards of these tests they are put aside and must undergo rework before they can be released to the customer. Once parts are deemed finished, they are packed carefully and wrapped to make sure their quality is not compromised during shipping stage.


As you can see from the descriptions above, each department has a specific purpose that allows production to run smoothly from one stage to the next. Our employees have created a talented team in one another that allows us to continue to produce the best work for our customers.