Conveyorized Three Stage Washer

A quality powder coated finish begins with pretreatment and depending on the type of metal you are looking to powder coat, that pretreatment process can vary greatly. Below is just a quick reference guide on what types of pretreatment are required for specific types of metal.

Aluminum, cold rolled steel and stainless steel: These types of metal require a balanced mix of chemicals to provide a clean and etched surface for the powder to adhere to.  Our washer has been certified to meet the pretreatment requirements for AAMA 2604 on aluminum.

Galvanized steel: We recommend a brush blast on hot dipped galvanized parts to help improve adhesion of the powder coat.  An outgas forgiving primer can also be applied prior to your topcoat to not only increase longevity of the coating but also yield a nicer looking part.

Hot Rolled Steel: Sandblasting is required with this material to remove mill scale or rust that is on the surface.  Without removing the mill scale the adhesion of the powder coat will be compromised and the resulting

These steps are explained when you request a quote from our office and can be explained further if you have questions about what type of pretreatment your parts will need. finish will be less than ideal.

Manual Hand wash

Manual Hand Wash Station