Westside Finishing has had the privilege of working on some very unique projects over the years. Traditionally, many of the parts that come into our facility are coated for commercial use or for everyday functionality. Every so often, we will get some “one of kind projects” from local artists and metal sculptors. Below are just a few different examples of creative projects we’ve had the opportunity to complete.  

Created by local CT Artist, Peter Busby.

Peter’s work is unique in the way that it accentuates the negative spaces in between the woven metal which as he describes, “invites viewers to complete the volume that the framework suggests.”

Holyoke Preservation Trust

Holyoke Preservation Trust asked us to help in restoring the beautiful lanterns that sit right above the entrance to the Holyoke City Hall Annex & Police Bldg. With some help from contemporary metal Artist, Kamil Peters, WSF was able to coat these lanterns to give them a fresh look for years to come

Randolph & Baldwin

Custom gate for our customer, Randolph & Baldwin located in Ayer, MA , that proudly invites all guests visiting their property.

Kamil Peters

Kamil is a local Holyoke metal artist whose creativity seems never ending. He has the ability to put a creative spin on the conventional world around us and these unique planters were no exception..