When it comes to quality and performance in the powder coating industry, obtaining an ISO certification is one of the best ways to show that your company is committed to good practices. The International Organization for Standardization, or ISO as it is commonly referred to, is an independent group that works with businesses to develop an internal process plan that ensures quality, safety and efficiency of products and services. Once an ISO process is implemented within a business, a representative from this company conducts routine audits to validate that the business continues to adhere to the industry standards of quality, manufacturing, and documenting processes. They will verify that the process remains effective, and also make mention of any opportunities for improvement to help resolve any foreseeable issues. If the audit is successful, this company will certify that your business meets the industry standard and will continue to monitor practices annually with an extensive verification performed every 3 years for recertification. An ISO certification is similar to that of a seal of approval for outside customers and vendors, notifying them that you are committed to good business practices. Westside Finishing Inc has been ISO certified for many years now, and currently has an ISO 9001 Certification which adheres to the most recent ISO requirement. Just recently, our ISO Registrar NSF conducted their 3-year ISO Recertification Audit which required an intensive inspection of all processes throughout our company over a 3-day time frame.  Many of our employees were asked to demonstrate their job responsibilities while also explaining why we do things the way we do them. Our records were then verified with our ISO rep that our documenting practices are effective and that our process contributes towards profitable growth. Overall, the recertification audit was successful, and our auditor had no negative findings and approved WSF to maintain our ISO 9001 Certified status. This status serves as a seal of approval in the industry, and it is something that we are proud to display as it demonstrates our commitment to quality and continual improvement.