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When an incoming job enters our facility the first thing our pricing department will do is thoroughly inspect your part to ensure it can withstand the entire powder coating process.  They will also look for a hole, or a section of the part that will allow it to be hung for painting. Depending on whether your project will be indoor use or outdoor use, will also help determine what kind of resin you need. For instance, if you are looking to have an outdoor patio set refinished you would likely need a Polyester or Urethane based powder as those are made to be resistant to the outdoor elements. Another factor to consider, is the end appearance you are looking to achieve as some powders require several coating steps to achieve the desired look.  In other cases, a primer coat is added to increase corrosion protection and longevity of the coating. These incoming screening questions are the standard we follow so you can always feel confident when bringing your project to us.