Powder Coated Tough

The world around us is ever changing and many industries and businesses are continuing to look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and overall, be more aware of their contribution to the environment around us. The powder coating world is no different with these key benefits:

-Powder coating finishes are considered non-toxic due to the considerably small to almost nonexistent amount of  VOC’s in the powder, or Volatile Organic Compounds. This is important to know in comparing the choice between other traditional forms of painting, such as wet paint, that emit these volatile compounds during application, the baking or curing process and even as time continues to age the paint. Retouching and disposing of these types of materials increase exposure to these toxins, where as powder coating is safe enough to breathe during application and is safer to handle in clean up.

-Not only is the powder material safer to handle, it is also safely recycled and able to be reused. The powder that does not adhere to the part and falls to the ground of the booth, and the powder that catches in the filters is reclaimed and can used again. There are some limitations however, especially when it comes to a color change.

-Application of traditional paint exposes not just the painter, but other surrounding areas to strong and toxic emissions and VOC’s as previously stated. Due to the chemical makeup of the powder coating dust, it is nontoxic and doesn’t compromise the air quality during application. Like all painting techniques, powder coating is performed in a well-ventilated booth with filtered exhausts. However, these filters do not require air ducts to be hooked up to the outside atmosphere eliminating outside pollution.


These eco-friendly benefits are the standard for the powder coating industry and are added incentives when considering which paint methods for your future projects. Call our office today to learn more