You may be asking yourself “is powder coating worth the investment?” and the short answer to that is-absolutely! When you are looking to have a part powder coated, you are choosing to give your part a long-lasting durable finish. This coating serves as an armor that will protect from wear and tear, corrosion and depending on the type of powder that you choose, it can even help withstand the outdoor elements for years to come. Liquid and spray paint methods may seem affordable when you only consider the upfront cost- but these methods fade and wear down much faster requiring reapplications much sooner. When choosing a powder coated finish, you are preserving the “freshly done” look long after your part has left the shop which saves you time and money down the line. It really comes down to what material your parts are made of and their intended purpose once they are completed to help you decide what material and method would be best for you. These are all topics that we would be happy to answer when you are considering the powder coating process.