The National Federation of Independent Business

National Federal of Independent Business otherwise known as NFIB, reached out to small business owners across the country to see the impact that Covid-19 has had. Among those in attendance to the virtual “Fly-In”, was Westside Finishing’s Owner Jeanne Bell. In her interview, Jeanne shared that WSF remained open throughout the Covid-19 quarantine and took advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP, which allowed the company to keep all employees on payroll for their regularly scheduled shifts and allowed them to continue to receive insurance benefits. While this benefit proved to be extremely helpful in a time of crisis, lawmakers have continued to debate over the need and stipulations of any future recovery bills. Several other small business owners had the chance to share their story but the overall take away from this featured article was that small businesses need to stick together when it comes to being heard from government officials. NFIB members were  encouraged to reach out to their state representatives to share their concerns and to give them a better understanding of who they are fighting for when it comes to compromises made on future funding.

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